Equal opportunities for Kenyan students – free internet access


Since 2019 September, we’ve funded five internet cabins in Kombani South coast, Ukunda County, Kenya. The cabins are freely available for local students. Our volunteers run the places and train the students to use computers, supporting much needed actions to information access in the region. 


Equal opportunities for Kenyan students

For people living and working in North America, Europe, and other relatively prosperous regions of the world, access to the Internet is a given. Even if one cannot afford a private, subscription-based fixed or mobile account, Wi-Fi hotspots offering free Internet access are relatively ubiquitous in coffee shops, public libraries, and even in certain mass transit stations, which lets everyone with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop access the Internet.

Equal opportunities for Kenyan students

Yet in the developing regions of the world, which include but are not limited to parts of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, there is relatively sparse infrastructure in place to allow citizens of these areas to access the Internet. Moreover, even when there are connections available, many people in those regions simply cannot afford either the devices required or the account access.

We are attempting to contribute to achieve Equal opportunities among Kenyan students by providing free internet access in our internet cabins. 

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